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Getting the documents ready

Before you start showing your house to the potential buyers, you should get together all the papers you'll need for the sale. They include:

1. The deed, or title, to your property.

2. The certificate of occupancy.

3. A survey of your property.

4. Your mortgage. (You'll want to check how much you owe and whether the mortgage is assumable.)

5. Measurements of your rooms or floor plans.

6. Description or manuals for heating and central air systems.

7. Specifications and ages of roof, heating, electrical panel, alarms and other systems that will be left in the house.

8. A list of all appliances and fixtures that will be sold with the home and a list of items that will be removed.

9. Receipts showing annual property taxes.

10. Monthly gas and electric bills, and any special assessments for your home.

11. A list of local clubs, churches and recreational facilities.

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