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Approximate Population: Eastchester 31,318, Bronxville 6,543 Tuckahoe 6,211
Unincorporated area 18,564

Area: 3.4 square miles.

Location: About 17 miles from mid-Manhattan. Bordered by Scarsdale on the north, Mount Vernon on the south, New Rochelle on the east and Yonkers on the west.
Northern section of Eastchester is served by the Scarsdale post office and is often refferred to as Scarsdale PO Estchester. This includes the apartment buildings and some of the stores on Garth Road (south of the Delphi Real Estate office)

Zoning: Residential: 5,000 - 20,000 sq. ft. Commercial: most intense commercial development on route 22.

Commuting: Eastchester is served by the Harlem Division of Contrail. Stations are in Bronxville (27 minutes to Grand Central), Tuckahoe (30 minutes to Grand Central), and Crestwood- Eastchester (32 minutes to Grand Central). Nearby is the Scarsdale Station (32 minutes to Grand Central). Access to the Bronx River, Hutchinson River, and Sprain Brook Parkways and the Cross County Expressway. 35 minute drive to mid-Manhattan.

Municipal Services: Water: Metered; Sewers: 98% public; Garbage: public; Police Protection: full time paid; HOSPITAL: Lawrence Hospital, Bronxville; Libraries: Eastchester Public Library, Bronxville Public Library, and Tuckahoe Public Library.

Schools: District 1: Anne Hutchinson and Greenvale School (k-6), Eastchester Junior High and Senior High Schools. District 2: Coddle Elementary School and Tuckahoe High School.

Shopping: Eastchester Mall, Universal Mall and Eastchester Shopping Mall at Vernon Hills on Route 22. Shops on Central Avenue nearby.

History: Eastchester's first permanent settlement was established in 1664 when ten families migrated from Fairfield, Conn. They were invited by Thomas Pell, whose land holdings also include the territory that is now New Rochelle and Pelham, to "settle down at Hutchinson's," where the home of Anne Hutchinson had stood some 22 years before.

The original settlers were soon joined by others. Laws for the region were drawn up the following year under an agreement called the "Eastchester Covenant." The covenant was a rare document for this period. Its 26 provisions included such items as education of children, disposition and upkeep of property, and support of a minister.

After the English occupied the area in 1666, Governor Richard Nicolls confirmed the patent that had been granted two years earlier. Some years later, settlers signed a treaty with local Indian chiefs for a parcel of land known as the Long Reach because of its odd geographical makeup. The price was 13 guns, 12 coats, 12 Indian kettles, 12 Indian axes, two adzes, and four barrels of cider. The area is the site of present day Bronxville, Tuckahoe and northwestern Mount Vernon. A dispute over ownership of this land arose in 1700 involving the towns of New Rochelle and Westchester and the Pell family. The decision went to Eastchester, and England's queen Anne granted a second patent in 1708.

Eastchester was a farming community at the outbreak of the American Revolution. No major battles were fought here, but as the heart of the Neutral Ground it saw constant fighting and devastation for more than 13 years. The area was harassed by troops of both sides as well as by the guerrillas of the day: the "cowboys" who were loyal to Britain and the "skinners" who opposed them.

With the coming of the railroad in the 1840's, Eastchester's rural character began to change. A group of New York businessmen incorporated 375 acres in 1853 as the Village of Mount Vernon. It became a city in 1892. The Village of Bronxville was incorporated in 1898, and the Village of Tuckahoe in 1903.

Today Eastchester is bound by Scarsdale on the north, New Rochelle on the east, Mount Vernon on the south, and Yonkers on the west. The town covers approximately five square miles and includes the villagers of Broxville and Tuckahoe and the unincorporated area known as the town outside.

RECREATION DEPARTMENT The diversified recreational program under the guidance of the Recreation Commission and Superintendent of Recreation covers all ares of the Town and includes sports, the arts, and cultural and social activities. It serves children, youths and adults.

The approximately 100 special activities annually include: baseball, basketball, tennis, platform tennis, golf, summer concerts, theater, teen concerts, summer play school, summer sports camp, adult volleyball, ice skating, and soccer, as well as tennis, golf, and gymnastics schools, ladies' and men's softball leagues and golf and tennis tournaments. The commission also supports various athletic associations, including Little League, Pony-Colt, Tuckahoe Youth Association, and soccer and football leagues, with permits for town fields and other facilities. For a complete schedule of activities for the appropriate season, contact the Eastchester Recreation Office in Town Hall. This department also maintains eight major Town parks and fields, the Town Hall and its surrounding grounds.

BUILDING DEPARTMENT Building inspections, code enforcement and licensing are under the Building Department's jurisdiction.

PLANNING BOARD The Planning Board has authority over approval of subdivisions site plans, including new streets and highways and environmental factors, and control of wetlands related thereto.

ZONING BOARD OF APPEALS Appointed by the Town Board, this Board's function is to hear and decide questions brought to it on appeal from the Building Inspector's decisions on matters pertaining to the Town's zoning ordinance.

11 Oak Ridge Place, Eastchester, NY 10709
Telephone: (914) 793-5055 email:
Library collections include over 90,000 volumes in the book collections

LAKE ISLE 660 White Plains Post Road, Eastchester, NY 10709
Telephone: (914) 961-3453 | (914) 961-3454 Fax: (914) 961-6738

This beautiful town-owned facility, provides swimming, tennis, golf, and a variety of recreational and social activities for adults and children. Social activities are held in the magnificent Crystal Room and, in good weather, on the terrace overlooking the eighteenth fairway. The snack bar provides refreshments for swimmers, and golfers, and tennis players.

Swimming facilities include an Olympic size pool, an adults-only pool, two children's pools and a diving tank. The swim season runs from Memorial day weekend through Labor Day and sometimes thereafter.

Golf can be played practically year round on the club's MGA and PGA 18-hole course. Facilities include a full service pro shop, bag storage and locker rooms.

Lake Isle has four Har-Tru tennis courts and four all- weather courts. The tennis program includes tournaments, a ladies' team and round robins. The tennis pro is available for lessons.

EASTCHESTER YOUTH COUNCIL The Council, established in 1984, consists of adult and youth volunteers, and a part-time paid Youth coordinator whose office is at Town Hall. The Council is funded in part by a grant from the New York State Division of Youth and the Bronxville, Eastchester, Tuckahoe Community fund, Inc.

Programs and activities sponsored by the council are: a teen canteen, homework center, Summer Youth Employment program, summer theatre productions, Youth in Government Day, and a variety of social events and community activities.

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