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Greenville, or Edgemont as it is interchangeably referred to by many, the geographic boundaries of which are identical with the boundaries of Edgemont Union Free School District at Greenburgh, is a portion of the unincorporated area of the town of Greenburgh. There are approximately 1,950 homes and 660 apartments in the area. The majority of Greenville residents have a Scarsdale post office address. The remainder of the community has a Hartsdale post office address. All municipal functions and services in the Greenville area are provided by the town of Greenburgh with the exception of fire protection which is provided by the Greenville Fire Department. Water and sewer service is provided by separate "utility districts." Greenville (Edgemont) is, in essence, only an "area" in the town of Greenburgh, with no separate legal status.


Greenburgh, founded in 1788, is the largest of Westchester's towns, having a population of 86,764 and an area of 31 square miles. There are six incorporated villages in Greenburgh (Ardsley, Dobbs Ferry, Edgemont, Hastings, Irvington and Tarrytown). The remaining areas are unincorporated. In the incorporated areas village government is responsible for its own zoning, police, fire protection, recreation and public works. In the unincorporated areas these functions are provided by the Town of Greenburgh, or, in the case of fire protection, for by a Town Board consisting of five members including the Town Supervisor. The Supervisor is elected every two years; the other four board members are elected every four years by a town-wide election at which voters of both villages and unincorporated areas are permitted to vote.

The town board meets every second and fourth Wednesday at 8:15pm at the Town Hall. Anyone may request to be put on the Town Clerks mailing list to receive advance agendas and other town information. Anyone can speak on any subject at the Town meetings with no advance notice. Some of the more important matters of concern to the Town Board involve the formulation and adoption of the Town Budget and, accordingly, the Town property tax levy. Much confusion exists in the tax area because residents may not realize that the Town tax is only a small portion of the tax bill. All residents are urged to attend such meetings and familiarize themselves with these matters. The Town acts as a collection agent for school, fire, sewer, County and State Judicial taxes.



The Town Planning Board is composed of seven members, one of whom acts as chairperson. It meets on the first and third Wednesday of each month. All new subdivisions of property (including the division of any single lot into two or more lots) must come before the Planning Board. All applications for amendments to the Zoning Ordinance and rezoning applications are submitted to the Town Board first, then referred to the Planning Board for recommendation. The Planning Board has sole responsibility for site plan review for any parcel under five acres and for PUD site plan.

Its function is to consider evidence submitting and to make recommendations for action to be taken by the Town Board with the exception of approval of subdivision plots and site plans for property under five acres. Changes in the Town's Master Plan are initially considered by the Planning Board; its roll is essentially advisory.


The Zoning Board of Appeals, referred to as the "ZBA," is also composed of seven members, one who acts as Chairperson. It meets on the fourth Thursday of each month.

The ZBA interprets the Zoning Ordinance of the Town. Requests for variances, special permits and similar matters are made before the ZBA. The ZBA is a quasi-judicial decision making body. Appeals from the ZBA are taken directly to the courts.

Members of both Boards (Planning and ZBA) are appointed by the Town Board. Planning Board members are appointed for a term of five years and ZBA members for a term of five years. When the term of a member of each Board expires, a reappointment or a new appointment is made.


The Greenburgh Nature Center is a 33 acre woodland preserve with trails, pond, orchard, maple sugaring site, and gardens. The Manor House contains a live animal museum with over 145 "residents," a "hands on" discovery room, a wildlife clinic, changing nature/arts exhibits, and a gift shop. Operated by a professional staff under a Board of Directors of residents of the Town of Greenburgh, the Nature Center is an example of people and government joining for the protection of the environment and the enjoyment of citizens. Special programs are offered for groups of all ages, on a wide range of nature topics, either at the Center or on location. The Center also operates volunteer programs for adults and students 13 and older. The grounds are open daily from dawn to dusk, and the Manor House is open daily EXCEPT Fridays from 10 am to 5 pm. (the animal museum closes at 4 pm.)


School District #6 is called a variety of names being: Edgemont, Greenville, and Edgemont/Greenville. The community has 2 elementary schools - Seely Place School, for the most part serving those students living on the east side of Central Avenue, and Greenville Elementary School, generally serving those students living on the west side of Central Avenue. The 1 High School is a combination of Junior/Seniors - grades 7-12.

The Edgemont Junior/Senior High School has a strong, healthy traditional academic program and has been recognized with an Award for Excellence in Education. The curriculum has a wide variety of courses including English AP, Calculus, Chemistry, American and European History and many other intellectually fascinating courses. The honors courses in English, social studies, mathematics and science are unsurpassed. They also offer four different types of foreign languages. Modified courses are also offered by our schools.

The Board of Education acts as a link between the community, the Administration and the faculty, their combined efforts have helped to develop and sustain a first-rate education.

The public is invited to the regular meetings of the Board of Education held at 8:00 p.m. in the Greenville School on the second Tuesday of every month. There are also public work sessions held on the fourth Tuesday of every month. Representatives of all civic associations and PTA-PTSA are sent notices of meetings and agendas.


Edgemont Recreation, in co-sponsorship with Greenburgh Recreation, provides the community with the following: After- School Gym for teens, football equipment and the Edgemont Day Camp. In addition, Edgemont Recreation has provided the Par Course, gymnastics equipment, playground safety mats, volleyball nets, soccer nets, etc.

The Recreation committee is composed of parent volunteers and some salaried staff. The success of the recreation program depends entirely on community participation in functions such as the executive board, registration, coaching, and camp organization. Approximately 600 children from grades k-9 participate in Edgemont Recreation's program. Parents involved in the programs have found have found it to be a very rewarding experience. Meetings, held four times a year, are listed in the handbook calendar and are open to the community.


This program runs 5 afternoons each week at each school. This program consists of age-level appropriate physical activities in a less structured manner than traditional physical education classes. Attendance is on a "drop-in" basis, however, each child attending after school gym is expected to participate.

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